A non-profit on the mission to connect our young people within our communities to their vocational goals.

CM2 Trust is a London-based non-profit. We are on a mission to change the landscape by generating opportunities for young  people to grow to be positive members of our community by connecting them to their vocational goals.

Our vision is for a London where all young people can thrive through developing their intrinsic talent to become skilled professionals.

How we make impact

Profiling human talent

We help to extract the talent that every young person has within them and translate that talent in to a career that will be both enjoyable and lucrative.

Finding perfect matchups

We aim to find the perfect placements for our learners and take time to ensure that the role matches the learners skillset, interests, and overall life goals.

Sharpening up skills

Here at ConnecMe2 we offer many courses that can enhance a young persons skills and sharpen them up before they step in to the working world.

We work with partners across education, various sector skills charities, local government and private businesses to support young people seeking training, insight, qualifications and experience in a professional
work place.