Fly Girls

Participate in an aviation boot camp to explore diverse career paths within the aviation industry which, includes roles such as Cabin Crew, Radar Operation, Front Desk, and Airside Retail.

Award-Winning Writer Guiding You to Success in Aviation.

Receive mentoring from an award-winning writer and trailblazer who transitioned from inner-city living to working for Britain’s largest airline. Your mentor will share valuable insights, experiences, and resilience tips to help you succeed in the industry.

"A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity"

Gain expertise in airside operations, benefit from industry insights in a professional masterclass, develop vigilance and security knowledge, experience a flight simulation on a field trip, and acquire versatile skills applicable across various contexts and industries through this workshop.

"I would recommend this course to others because it will help them get a job and gain skills. The team were all kind and helpful and I wish good fortune on the next people starting the course. "