A conversation with Azim Khan

Who is Azim Khan?

Passionate individual with a strong interest in finance. Azim believes that there are many opportunities out there for young people but there is a glaring gap which needs to be filled in terms of getting the opportunities across to them. Azim believes the world of recruitment and finding talent needs to evolve with the world and feels as though this is not happening fast enough.

Azim is a recent economics graduate with financial know how. An MMA, basketball, and football fanatic with a strong interest in stocks, cryptocurrency and index funds. Azim spends time at the gym, reading, and likes the occasional cinema outing

Why CM2? What attracted you to being part of the CM2 Trust mission?

CM2 Trust was offering a new, more interactive and personal way for young people to find opportunities that they would previously not had exposure to, which I found very appealing. I understand from my own experience that young people, particularly those with less formal qualifications, tend to shy away from applying to opportunities but with the right mindset, these people can have lucrative careers in many industries.

What’s been one of your highs you’ve experienced since being been part of CM2 Trust?

The joy I receive from putting young people in work, particularly because the work we find is usually their first job, as a large number of our learners are in need of support. It is pleasing to watch dramatic changes to young people’s confidence, and how grateful they are in return. We are making a real difference here at CM2 Trust, one learner at a time. Without our support, the lives of some of our learners could have been very different as they may have felt like they were ‘stuck’ in their current situation, with no way out.

As a young person who works closely with both corporate bodies & young people looking to better themselves – what would you like to see be improved to help support the young adults you work with & support in your day to day?

A more empathetic approach to the needs of the youth today. Many young people have not built the social skills necessary to go out and network, or go out of their way to apply for jobs, and we, as a nation need to understand that opportunities need to be put forward to them. There is sadly too much unused talent out there and it is the responsibility of providers to get their opportunities across to these young people, and then it is up to the young person to do the rest.

What are you excited about most as a member of the CM2 family?

I am very excited for the launch of the ConnecMe2 app, and can’t wait for young people to see how many great opportunities are on there. What I love most about the app is that you can upload videos of yourself, to support your application, which will show employers the real ‘you’ a lot more than just a CV.