CM2 Digital showcase their app at E Crest Academy Careers fair

What happens when you take an app, passionate colleagues, a TV screen, a banner and a bunch of sweets to a careers fair? 

Well… a lot apparently… 

On 27 May 2022 we had the pleasure of meeting over 200 students at the US Charitable Trust Careers Fair at E-ACT Crest Academy eager to find out more about our app that seeks to bridge the gap to accessing opportunities. One of our highlights was speaking to a young person who at the age of 15 had already discovered her love for psychology and the impact she could make by excelling in such an industry.

In under 3 hours with over 170 responses given by students, we discovered the following about their aspirations and career goals:

27% of students aspire to be in the medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical industry

16% of students aspire to be in Sports

14% of students aspire to be in the Creative, Design and Film industry

12% aspire to study Law

9% of students aspire to be in IT, Gaming and Computer Design

8% of students aspire to be involved in Science, Engineering & Aviation

9% of students aspire to be in Business and Real estate

5% of students aspire to be in Banking & Finance

Inspired by the conversations had with the students of E Crest Academy, we look forward to partnering with more schools and onboarding the next generation of entrepreneurs, change makers and leaders.